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21st Century Business Tools

Propaganda HQ driver is not only to provide strategic marketing communications
consultancy and marketing products but to support the companies get equipped with
the 21st century business tools, acquire for their staff new knowledge and skills to
improve their performance. We preach and practice extended marketing mix 7 P's
model including softer elements of people and process management for the business
transformation for success. People and the processes used to deliver service interact
with your customer and build the brand experience.

We take the view that learning is a strategic investment on which our clients
should expect to see a return. Whether the issue is sales or service, reputation or
responsibility, competence or certification, we relate the learning to defined corporate
goals and relevant corporate measures. This removes any ambiguity about the value
and impact of what we are trying to achieve.

Our particular expertise lies in helping your company and your people to acquire new 
knowledge, skills and assist your staff to gain confidence in the areas:
  • Serving customers in covering sales, customer service, brand experience, effective communications and presentation skills
  • Special skills for Marketers: math and finances, branding, media planning, strategic design, MKIS development
  • Project Management in MS Project          
  • Management Skills
  • Quality Management
  • Leadership and Coaching for TOP Managers
  • NLP Trainings
Typically, our clients seek to:
  • Improve product, sales and marketing skills and get specific marketing knowledge
  • Improve brand experience in channels
  • Train-out new services, sales or marketing processes
  • Improve leadership
  • Improve quality management
  • Improve operations
The sessions are characterized by interactivity and involvement: we do not take people
away from their workplace only to have them sitting still, reading slides or writing notes.
We treat them as players, not as an audience: all members are expected to play a full
part in the performance and feel what it is like to do their job in a newer and better way.

Our Expertise

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?