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Our Philosophy

Propaganda HQ's commitment to excellence is manifested in how we work, how we think and how we organize the delivery of business results for our customers. At Propaganda integration is more than a buzz word. It is a defining philosophy that says that every piece of communication we produce must speak with one voice, come from one place and carry consistent brand character. 
We focus to transform your business for success.

Our vision is to rise perception of importance of marketing knowledge for business success and country's economical development, to establish new criteria of valuation in the marketing communications sector and propaganda professionalism on Georgian Market. Our aim is to become the most successful strategic marketing communications and consultancy company, which is unique through its high level of expertise and valuable, measurable results for its customers.

Our mission is to become a reliable partner brand for our customers and through professionalism, expertise, modern methodologies and continuous commitment to deliver value always exceeding customers’ expectations to transform their businesses for success.

Propaganda HQ Values

Continuous Commitment to Delivering Value – We are passionate to deliver effective, valuable results for our customers through synthesis of expertise, creativity and strategic planning based on in-depth analyses to help their businesses to transform for success.

Continuous Search out and Embracing Challenges - We are always ready to get desired results through embracing challenges and goal oriented approach. Overcoming challenges is our everyday lifestyle and helps us to achieve the success.

Continuous Innovation - We are committed to always be ahead of our customers’ needs and market demand. Through Innovations we overpass modern business challenges. Through constant update of our knowledge we develop innovative methodologies of product creation and exploit cutting-edge technologies to effectively communicate with the target audience.

Continuous Propaganda of Marketing as a vital factor in business success – We are committed to raise perception of importance of marketing knowledge for business success and country's economical development.

Our Expertise

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?