Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the pillar of the successful business. Without the consistent fundamental, every success is short-termed. We will provide the strategy to position your company as you hope to be viewed in the minds of your customers. Your branding platform will assure your business long-term success and consistency, help to build favorable brand experience.

Propaganda working methodology in the framework of Customer based brand equity (CBBE) model begins with comprehensive brand audit. The audit consists of two steps: the brand inventory and brand exploratory. The purpose of the brand inventory is to provide a current, comprehensive profile of how all the products and services sold by company are marketed and branded. The second step of the brand audit is to provide detailed information on what consumers think and feel about the brand and its corresponding product category. The process supports to identify sources of brand equity by means of the brand exploratory with the appropriate tools and methodologies.

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?