Digital Marketing

The modern communication mix’s fragmented nature of media management makes it decisive to explore and test new models and approaches, develop and refine existing strategies to evaluate and integrate brand propositions both online and offline.

Interactive Marketing has expanded tremendously in terms of the available marketing channels. We have expertise in each of these areas and possess every capability to deliver and execute a highly effective strategy for any organization.

  • Our team of marketers, managers, designers and developers work to create your most effective appearance online through id tree online branding.
  • id tree web ensures your web creates an engaging and powerful customer experience that will make your prospect want to interact with your site in order to discover more about your company.
  • id tree social media campaign ensures your company is one of the pioneers using the most effective communication channel strategically. Our team will provide consulting and services you need to build relationships, publish, share, promote, attract and grow sales throughout the social media sphere.
  • id tree flash banner developed on innovative platforms promotes you in a creative way and attracts your target audience online.
id tree digital products are developed together with Propaganda Lab team to ensure your company is ahead of all your competitors.

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?