Creative Services, Design and Production

Many firms are founded and managed by either an artist or a developer. Propaganda HQ is owned and operated by business people and marketing experts. Our top design, communication experts, creative and technical talent work cohesively to create a brand that does more than look great—it’s based on your marketing objectives to ensure that the final product makes a memorable mark on your target audience.

The result? We bring more knowledge, experience, and creative synergy for your business success.
  • Expertise in  Creative Concept Development that creates measurable difference;
  • Defiant and meaningful  Logo design that establishes brand differentiations;
  • Attractive  Corporate Style that delivers brand values;
  • Powerful  Outdoor Design that stands out from the croud and captures the audience's attention;
  • Evocative  Packaging Design to appeal to the target audience and encourage to buy;
  • Fresh creative solutions for  Marketing Literature Design to work on your marketing objectives;
  • Design of  Annual Reports to present effectively to investors and stakeholders an up to date company's yearly outlook;
  • Expertise in  TV advert (Video, Flash & Computer Graphics) development with problem solving approach to make a memorable mark on the target audience. 

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?